Secure your building with a one
card solution – Paxton Net2

Paxton Net2

The Paxton Net2 Access Control Solution – The Complete Access Control System for your business.

The Paxton Net2 Access Control Solution gives you peace of mind and control over who gains access into your buildings and to the secure/ sensitive areas with in them, Paxton Net2 can also be used to open barriers, shutters and turnstiles with a host of different readers & biometric solutions as explained in more detail below.

Why use access control? Why get rid of keys?

The Net2 Access control system gives you control over who gains entry to your


Keys also do this what’s the difference?

When you lose a key, you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing

locks and all the other keys, or you accept the building is no longer secure.

With access control you simply void an individual token from the system. There is no need to replace locks or keys.

The security of your building is always maintained.

Why use PC based access control?

  • Central control – all doors can be controlled from one place
  • Reporting – an event is generated every time a token is used to gain access
  • Complete flexibility – access can be granted to users according to time and place
  • Secure single Keyfob / card Control solution, with complete access control from the comfort of your desk
  • Simple software administration Allocate time zones to staff
  • View all events in real time Familiarise your site with graphics
  • Open doors at the click of your Real Time Reporting for whos in mouse now, and automatic fire rolls etc.
  • Automatic Fire Status Report
  • Alerts you of unauthorised access event activities via email or mobile phone
  • Net2 Standard Access Control Software is free from Auto Time Systems
  • New user ID Cards can be designed & printed Instantly through the user
  • friendly Net2 Software
  • Doors can be opened by simply dialing a mobile phone telephone number

What are the advantages of central control ?

  • Full control over the system from your desk
  • Users are added and instantly have the rights that you permit
  • Individual access rights can be altered, and changes are instantly updated at the doors
  • Tokens Voided – someone leaves without handing back their token, simply bar that token from the system
  • Paxton Net2 Software is easy to use, ‘explorer style’ software makes all tasks quick and easy to perform

What does Paxton Access Control Net2 Software reporting give me?

  • The events screen allows you to view “real time” events as they are happening
  • See “who is in today” with a glance at your computer
  • Alerts you should any unauthorised access be attempted, either by forcing the door or use of an invalid token email / text notifications can be automatically sent
  • Default reports are available from the software
  • Standard reports can show all events in set time frame, last know position of a user and much more
  • Report Wizard – allows you to create custom reports
  • Automatic Fire Roll Call reports can be generated in the event of the fire alarm bell sounding

What does “complete flexibility” mean?

Using time zones means you can allow or refuse access to different individuals or groups of people, to different doors within set time scales

  • Why? You may for example only wish factory staff to have access to offices in standard office hours. The factory door may be set to allow access from 8am to 6pm, the office door may be set up to allow only access between 9am – 5.30pm for this group of users
  • Timezones can be created to give groups of people or individuals access at set times of day
  • Public Holidays may be entered – and permissions set against these to allow or not allow access to your staff
  • Issuing cards is simplified. If a department is set up with a time zone of 9am – 5.30pm on the office door, a token issued to a member of that department the system automatically allows them through the door between 9am and 5.30

Net2 Access Control gives you:

Feature Pro Lite
Simple to use
Multiple workstations
Free upgrades
CCTV integration
Site graphics
Triggers and actions
Basic intruder alarm integration*
Net2 PaxLock compatible**
Net2 Entry compatible***
ievo biometric integration†*
Sirrom Group Absence Planning module #
CSCS & Qualification Expriry Alerts #
Card designer
Roll call and muster reporting*
Fire alarm integration*
Security lockdown*
Multi-zone intruder alarm integration*
Customisable welcome page
Net2 Anywhere web access**
iPhone apps**

* Not available with wireless nano products
** Available from Net2 v4.23 onwards
*** Available from Net2 v4.25 onwards
† * Available from Net2 v4.26 onwards
# Available with Sirrom Software please call Auto Time Systems on 01257 252002 for more information

Aberdeenshire Council
Hyndburn Council
Preston City Council
Public Health England
Stobart Group
Turtle Wax
Westmill Foods
Fylde Council